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Well, I gave my leg almost a week off and it’s feeling pretty good.  I’m going to give week 1 of the Couch-to-5K program a go again tomorrow.  This time I will take it easy so hopefully I won’t suffer another setback.  For this first week, maybe two, I’m not going to do any power walks and I’ll definitely take it easy when I have to mow the lawn.

I’ll let you know how my workout went tomorrow night. 🙂

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Well, I didn’t get the day 2 run of week one in today as I hurt my leg yesterday.  I think I may have overdone it a bit on Monday.  After doing my run I took a walk later in the day during lunch hour at work.  Not too strenuous I thought but then again I didn’t change out of my work shoes and it turns out they aren’t the best to walk in.  Then later that night I took the dogs out for a bit of a walk, faster than I should have gone I guess, and near the end of the walk I felt my left leg cramping up.

Well, I didn’t think much of it at the time and didn’t really think of it on Tuesday either so when I got home I started to mow the lawn.  When I was almost done with that I must have twisted my leg wrong and the cramp came back with a vengeance!  It was one of those where I didn’t know I stressed the leg until about a minute after I did it when the pain started to really affect the way I walked.  So, instead of just quitting for the day I decided to finish mowing the lawn.  Not the best thing I could have done as I had to walk in such a way that put stress on the rest of the leg.  Later Tuesday night I could really start to feel the pain in the leg and woke up Wednesday morning with the pain still there.

With that in mind I decided not to do the run today and will probably just wait until next Monday and restart week one again.  That should give my leg enough time to heal; I’d rather give it a few days to heal instead of trying to push through it and making the injury worse.

My advice to anyone starting this program who is not in good shape would be to take it easy and make sure not to overdue it, especially the first week or two.  Give your legs some time to adjust so you wont end up like me. 🙂

Have a good rest of your week and see you next Monday!