I got through Day 2 just fine.  It’s still a bit of a struggle for me since I am so out of shape but I’ll get there.  Looks like I pushed about as hard this time as I did on Monday as the stat’s are pretty similar.  My hip didn’t hurt today like it did on Monday so that’s encouraging.  With that said, here are my statistics from my Garmin.

Total workout time, including warm-up and cool-down: 30 Minutes
Average Pace: 1 mile in 12 minutes 32 seconds
Avg Speed/Max Speed: 4.8 mph/ 9.5 mph
Average Heart Rate: 147 beats per minute(bpm)
Max Heart Rate: 187 bpm
Total Distance: 2.39 Miles
Calories Burned: 333

I’ll post tomorrow with any soreness I feel, hopefully there wont be any. 😀

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