I got through Day 1 again for week 1.  It seemed a bit harder this time than the last time I did it, looking at my Garmin records I did end up pushing a little harder this time as compared to last time.  I made sure to stretch real good this time after my run so hopefully that will help out a bit tomorrow.  There was some pain in my hip but I don’t think it will last long; I must have been more out of shape than I first suspected.  Here are my workout stats for this days workout:

Total workout time, including warm-up and cool-down: 30 Minutes
Average Pace: 1 mile in 12 minutes 34 seconds
Avg Speed/Max Speed: 4.8 mph/ 7.9 mph
Average Heart Rate: 150 beats per minute(bpm)
Max Heart Rate: 188 bpm
Total Distance: 2.40 Miles
Calories Burned: 329

I’ll let you know tomorrow if I’m sore, hopefully not but I am still a serious couch potato so I’ll probably end up being sore… 🙂